Show Notes

This week, Adam and Rubes head to Manhattan Project Beer Company and welcome Karl Sanford to the podcast. Karl runs Manhattan Project with his wife, Misty, and friend, Jeremy Brodt.

The guys begin the episode by running through the company’s origin story. About 10 years ago, Karl and Misty began loving the idea of having a brewery when visiting other ones. They then wanted a custom beer for their wedding, for which they turned to Jeremy to create a unique home brew. As they all became more into home brewing, the trio began entering and winning medals at home brewing contests, resulting in the creation of a business plan to get the company underway.

The guys continue the episode by discussing the ins and outs and struggles and successes of Manhattan Project. They look at how constraints can lead to creativity and the importance of letting people reach their objectives in their own way. Karl also mentions that it is imperative to understand why people do what they do at all levels in order to create a successful team.

They conclude the episode by discussing the impact that the pandemic had on the company, the process of making beer on a larger scale and getting a new building, and the future of Manhattan Project.

Manhattan Project Beer Company

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