Show Notes

This week, we welcome former NHLer Al Secord to the podcast. Al fills the pod in on his entire hockey journey, beginning with skating at his grade school and being cut from his first travel team all the way through becoming a first-round draft pick and an NHL all-star. He discusses going to rookie and training camps and venturing from Boston to Chicago to Toronto to Philadelphia and back to Chicago throughout his tenure in the league. Al also goes over what it was like to suffer an injury in the NHL and how he was able to transition from an NHL player to a pilot for American Airlines after retiring.

Adam and Al reminisce on what it was like to grow up as the son of a rink manager, and how the extra ice time that they were able to obtain through this was crucial to their development as hockey players. The guys dive into what it is like to receive guidance from parents and coaches over the course of a hockey career and how a passion for the game as well as determination and a good work ethic are a must to be successful. Adam and Al take a look at the COVID-19 situation and discuss the importance of connection and community within hockey and in general. The episode is concluded by taking a look at the hockey careers of Al’s two sons and what Al is currently doing in the Metroplex hockey community.

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