Show Notes

This week, we welcome Dale Vogel of the Fort Worth Patriots and Ryan Young of the Dallas Warriors to the podcast. Adam, Dale, and Ryan preview the matchup between the two teams taking place at StarCenter Mansfield on July 31st at 6 pm. The teams are asking for donations to help support Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas.

The guys segway into Dale’s hockey origin story, where he explains his start as a bantam in Pittsburgh and connects with Adam as to what it’s like to be a playmaking forward. Dale and Adam also discuss playing against your friends as you get older and playing against NHL alumni teams. Dale finishes up his story by explaining how he joined the Marines following his high school and junior hockey career and tells the story of how he found himself on the Fort Worth Patriots.

Next, Ryan describes his beginnings in hockey by explaining how he found out baseball wasn’t his sport, eventually finding himself playing roller hockey. Adam and Ryan also take a look at the impact just playing outdoor hockey can have on one’s desire to pursue the game. The guys then discuss what it’s like to be on both ends of winning and losing seasons and the transition from roller to ice hockey. Ryan concludes his story by explaining how he joined the Army and later ended up on the Dallas Warriors.

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