Show Notes

This week we welcome Jonathan Voyles to the podcast. Jonathan is a coach and hockey podcaster himself, serving as host of The Chirp Hockey Podcast and creator of the Chirp Hockey brand. He and Adam discuss how his skating career began through figure skating, not transitioning to hockey until the bantam level. Jonathan gives a glimpse into what life on the ice is like in West Texas, as he lives in Odessa and used to be a manager of Music City Mall Ice. The guys then discuss the importance of skating fundamentals and the large impact that your skating ability can have on your overall skill level, both touching on experiences they’ve had while coaching private lessons. Jonathan also describes how he got to know and work with New York Islanders goaltender Semyon Varlamov when he did offseason workouts in Odessa.

The guys continue the episode by giving their thoughts on the NHL playoffs and look at the trials and tribulations of being a fan of an NHL team. Adam and Jonathan then discuss the recent Guns N’ Hoses men’s league tournament that took place in the Metroplex, diving into how the tournament is an excellent display of how tight-knit the hockey community is. The guys conclude the episode by sharing what it’s like to host and operate a podcast, and Jonathan describes the creation and growth of his brand.

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