Show Notes

This week, we welcome Justin Kuzski to the podcast. Justin is a former Texas Tech hockey player who began skating at two years old and will soon be coaching in the Brahmas organization. Adam begins the episode by recapping the Rubes Brews vs. Lone Star Warriors game from last week. Justin and Adam then discuss getting onto the ice as a child and learning to skate, the difference between being a coach and a parent, and the toughness of hockey moms. The guys later move on to the importance of off-ice hockey and training, specifically talking about their family-owned roller rinks they had as kids and the impact roller hockey can have on your on-ice performance

Justin and Adam continue the episode by analyzing the growth of youth hockey in Texas and the significance of homing in the fundamentals of the game as a youth hockey player. Justin then dives into what it was like to play hockey at Texas Tech, the process of choosing club college hockey over juniors, and finding hockey in a career full of traveling. The guys conclude the episode by discussing what it’s like to be on both ends of catching a puck to the face, remembering some legendary hockey quotes, and comparing old time hockey to the new style of the game.

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