Show Notes

This week, we welcome the legendary Cal Mees to the podcast. Adam, Rubes, and Cal dive into Cal’s 55-year hockey career, starting with his introduction to hockey to how he now plays in at least 300 men’s league games every year. Cal discusses with the guys how he is able to keep playing by continuing to love the game and keeping a positive attitude towards the sport. The guys look at how Cal began his hockey career in Texas in Duncanville, his creation of his own hockey apparel company, and how he was able to recover from a recent accident to get back to playing the game. Adam, Rubes, and Cal also touch on issues with drop-in hockey, the glory of pond hockey, and how important it is to maintain a respectful and positive relationship with teammates.

The trio continues the episode by discussing Cal’s attempts at setting new world records in the world of hockey. Cal was able to set the world record for most consecutive ice hockey games played by an individual when he played in 29 consecutive games at the Parks Mall in Arlington. This took place during a 24-hour hockey tournament. In another 24-hour span, Cal was able to play a game at every position on the ice, including goalie, as well as participate as a referee, coach, and scorekeeper.

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