Show Notes

This week, we welcome men’s league goaltender David Speer to the podcast. David and Adam discuss David’s journeyman hockey career, beginning in Colorado Springs followed by a stint at Cushing Academy to men’s league in the DFW area. The guys look at multiple aspects of the hockey world, including David playing on three men’s league teams, the importance of goaltenders in the world of adult hockey, and how adult hockey is as much about the camaraderie of the team as it is about winning the championship. Looking back at their time spent playing the game, Adam and David discuss their experiences playing in youth hockey tournaments around the country, the high skill levels of prep schools in northern states, and the evolution of the goaltending position over time.

The guys later examine the balance between playing hockey too much and not playing hockey at all, as they remember when they each took a hiatus from hockey years ago before getting back into the game. David and Adam draw the episode to a close by looking at the Tom Wilson incident and situation and the role of the enforcer on hockey teams in today’s game.

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