Show Notes

In this episode, Brad Lukowich discussed his early life and journey to the NHL. He talked about growing up in Canada and how he started playing hockey at a young age. He also discussed his journey to the NHL, including his time in the minors and how he eventually made it to the NHL.

Brad also discussed his experiences playing for different teams in the NHL, including the Dallas Stars, where he won a Stanley Cup in 1999, and the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he won another Stanley Cup in 2004. He talked about the different cultures and locker rooms he was a part of, and how the veterans on those teams helped guide him in his early years in the league. He also talked about playing for coach John Tortorella and how his intense passion and intensity helped create a winning culture for the Lightning.

Brad also discussed the disappointment of not getting his name on the Stanley Cup in 1999, despite playing in all three rounds of the playoffs. He talked about the current rules for engraving the Cup and how it doesn't necessarily reflect the players who were truly a part of the team throughout the playoffs. Despite this, Brad is proud of his accomplishments in the NHL and the memories he created with his teammates and coaches.

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